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Group Sound Meditation

Sound Meditation encourages an individual to relax deeply to achieve an altered state of consciousness similar to deep meditation.  It is in this state where potassium & sodium levels balance, blood pressure reduces, the heart rate calms & cellular renewal can begin.

On an emotional level & on a psychological level, we can also have a deeper insight into what’s going on for us & our current health & wellbeing.

Some of the benefits of Sound can include; Deep Relaxation, Clarity of Mind, Balance & Harmony of Body, Mind & Spirit.

What do you do? 
Make yourself comfortable, laying down or seated, and allow yourself to receive frequencies of therapeutic Sounds in whatever way is perfect for you.

What do I do?
Through the vibrations & frequencies of Drum, Himalayan/Tibetan Singing Bowls, Voice, Crystal Singing Bowls & Therapeutic Percussion I take you on a journey to your own inner realms. 

Certain tones, instruments and vowel sounds are used to gently remove blockages in the energy system, allowing the soothing tones of healing sound frequency to resonate for free-flow of prana to be resumed. The end result being balance, harmony, a space of love, connection and peace. 

It is now widely accepted that most illness is stress related. Therefore treatment methodologies that promote relaxation and help reduce stress can be a very effective way to prevent and treat illness.

In all sound practices, the most important thing to remember is the intention behind the sound. The ‘equation’ for optimum healing to take place is sound + positive intention = healing effect. 

​​​​Wear: comfortable clothing.

Bring: yoga mat/mattress roll, a blanket, a cushion, journal & a bottle of water.

If you're unable to lay on the floor, I have comfy recliner chairs & couches available to sit on.

Please feel free to bring along your crystals to absorb the cleansing & charging frequencies of Sound

Important: Please arrive 15 minutes early to get settled as the door will be locked before we commence. This ensures no interruptions so everyone gets the full benefit of the session.

Private group bookings available by appointment, minimum of 4 people
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