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Acupuncture with Sound Frequency.


Acutonics® is a complete healing system that encompasses modern and innovative science of sound technology with underlying universal laws and principles of medicine and healing.

Acutonics is rooted in the foundational philosophy & the Art of diagnosis of Chinese Medicine. Instead of needles, the chosen points for the individual are stimulated by specifically selected sound frequencies. In acupuncture our electro magnetic energy - Chi or (Qi) can be activated through metal needles, touch (acupressure), laser, devices like electro stimulation…and sound vibration (sonar-puncture).


Acutonics takes applied sound frequency to a whole new dimensional level. It is not just any frequency or the same frequency to every point. We are working with the archetypal signatures & natural universal sounds within our solar system - the ‘Music of the Spheres’. As above so below.


We are able to fine tune the therapeutic interval & energetic required to establish harmony & thereby enhance and amplify the inherent function of a particular acupuncture point or major point (chakra)- the gateways or portals to our structural & biological grid system (meridians), that drive our organ and glandular functions.


Dr. Eeka King shares, "having experience working with needles (traditional acupuncture) since 2002 (20 years), running a busy Chinese Medicine practice & giving well over 10,000 treatments- I would say that 1 Acutonics session is equivalent to 3-5 acupuncture sessions in its power of effecting homeostatic balance within the system.


On an energy level, metal needles are very Yang- directive & forceful. And sure they do a good job of stimulating and activating Chi. Archetypal & natural healing Sound Vibration I would say is much more Yin in nature. It touches us on the innermost reaches of our psyche & the deeper emotive and spiritual aspects of our being. Sound vibration moves through our waters at lightning speed, penetrating right down to the core of our cellular water channel networks."

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