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Humans are made up of 70-80% water.  Water is a very good carrier for sound, therefore sound literally goes right through us, gently but effectively penetrating at a cellular level, balancing, nurturing and healing mind, body and spirit.


In sound therapy practice, the most important thing to remember is the intention behind the sound. The ‘equation’ for optimum healing to take place is sound + positive intention = healing effect. 


Certain tones, instruments and vowel sounds are used to gently remove blockages in the energy system, allowing the soothing tones of healing sound frequency to resonate for free-flow of prana to be resumed. The end result being balance, harmony, a space of love, connection and peace.

It is here the body heals or ‘wholes’ itself.

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Relle Jasper is a Sound Healing Therapist & naturally Intuitive Healing Vessel who has been fatefully guided to the therapeutic healing properties of Sound, Vibration & Frequency after being passenger in a car collision in March 2015 which has changed her life forever.  

Music has always been a huge part of her life.  For over 3 decades she had reached many people through her vocal music, & understanding the effects of music on our overall wellbeing, had evolved to perform as a guitar and vocal soloist prior to the accident.


She studied Group Sound & 1-2-1 Practitioner Sound Therapies as well as being initiated into Reiki, Woman's Mysteries & Shamanic Healing Modalities.

Connecting on a soul level with a specific intent in her own healing journey, She intuitively knows she has found her calling.

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