"Every cell of your body has its own unique frequency, they each combine to make up a composite frequency, a harmonic as unique as your fingerprint. My part in your journey is to assist you to discover your own inner symphony."

Relle Jasper.

Sound Therapist.


Welcome to Sonic Harmony.


Ancient teachings from all corners of the world share a deep understanding of the power of sound, vibration & frequency for creation, healing and transformation.


Everything has a frequency.  Your thoughts, words, actions, everything has it's own unique frequency.  It is vibration that generates frequency which in turn produces sound & there are many proven benefits of therapeutic sound in raising self awareness and letting go of the patterns that no loner serve us.

Quantum Physics tells us the importance our thoughts have in creating our experiences.



Group Sound Meditation


1:1 Sound Healing


Sonic Vibrational Massage

Tuning Forks_edited.jpg

Tuning Forks

Many clients choose to just go with the flow of a non specific healing which can also involve Shamanic & Reiki practices.